Video Transcoding


DaVinci Resolve for OSX seems to support most things I throw at it. The Linux version doesn't like the m4a and mov files exported from QuickTime or Ecamm. Prepping my audio in RX means I can export the files in a different format, but Ecamm encodes using h264 and aac for their exports so those need treatment.

When generating audio files for DaVinci Resolve, it's apparently best to use wav. With other formats the on the fly transcoding can impact performance. This should be negligible if your hardware is decently spec'd, but mine is not.

Using ffmpeg:

$ ffmpeg -i -vcodec mjpeg -q:v 2 -acodec pcm_s16be -q:a 0 -f mov
$ ffmpeg -i INPUT.m4a OUTPUT.wav

Apologies for not explaining the arguments, I forgot to note which stackoverflow or forum post I found this on, but the query it answered was DaVinci Resolve specific.


On OSX, Resolve defaults to Quicktime video and AAC audio codecs which uploads perfectly on YouTube,, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

On Linux, there are issues with using these codecs (proprietary things) and you will need to export in an intermediary format then transcode to Quicktime h264/aac. Apparently YMMV.

On Windows, it doesn't default to Quicktime and AAC but you can change it to these without issue.

Published December 23, 2020