Bookmark everything ( to Tumblr with Zapier)

I cannot recall the number of times I've been doing something and stumbled on something else completely unrelated, but because it's not what I'm looking for at the time, I've just thought 'Oh, that's interesting', closed the tab, and moved on, only to find that it is very relevant a couple months later for something else entirely.

It might be a paper, panel, innovation, or initiative that was worth a few minutes of my time, but not worth long-term storage. Or so I thought.

So something I've started to do is bookmark everything with enough metadata so when some random conversation I'm having down the road triggers a vague memory of having encountered a related bit of info, I have a better chance of finding it again.

I also wanted to be able to share this repository of my internet wanderings because I'm not a unique snowflake, and if I found something interesting, I'm sure someone else might as well.

So why not just use or just Tumblr? Why both?

Certainly, I could have just used because they do have shareable pages for collections, but I haven't determined if the SEO for these pages are any good (I haven't stumbled on any pages, for example), and Tumblr lends itself to being used in a social way so is more likely to reach a wider audience.

I did try just posting everything to Tumblr directly, but it was a bit inconsistent with presentation. The preview card didn't always load, and I still needed to manually add the title or text description. It was time-consuming.

So now I add a link in using the browser extension, it pulls in the necessary metadata and allows me to add tags as I like, then Zapier populates a Tumblr Link post that will present consistently and be reasonably searchable. is the tool, and Tumblr is the vehicle.

Clone my Zap here: → Tumblr

Published February 06, 2022