Michele Ong is a creative technologist, entrepreneur, and content creator whose career spans over two decades across various industries. She is an advocate for women in STEMM, diversity in all its forms, and putting the humanity back into STEMM fields. In 2022 and 2023, Michele was nominated for the Women in Tech WA Tech [+] Award in the Advocacy, Community & Volunteering category.

She has been telecommuting globally since 2008, long before COVID-19 made it mainstream in Australia, and has worked with small businesses, startups, and internationally recognised brands in Australia, North America, and Europe providing solutions and insights tailored to the personal and professional goals of her clients. In addition to her consulting work, Michele develops SaaS tools to support content creators like herself, and has created Podbite to empower speakers and creative artists to amplify their work.

Despite the solitary nature of her work, Michele rather likes people. She even made her Computer Science Honours thesis about psychometrics and the qualities that can contribute to success in computing. The experience initiated a lifelong passion for the anthropology of STEMM and instilled a belief that innovation thrives in the liminal spaces where diversity of culture, experience, and disciplines intersect.

Her curiosity about people and their stories, as well as the increasingly cross-disciplinary nature of STEMM, led her to produce a YouTube channel and podcast called STEAM Powered to increase the visibility of women in STEAM, communicate the depth of scope of these fields, and highlight the place of the Arts and humanity in this space.

Since its launch, Michele has shared the journeys and life lessons of more than 70 fascinating STEAM Powered women from around the world, inspiring herself and audiences in more than 50 countries with coverage of topics not just in STEMM fields, but also experiences with mental health, ethics, changing fields, alternative academic careers, motherhood, being a first-generation college student, and balancing the two-body problem.

Michele will soon be launching her second podcast, The Rejection Economy and co-hosting a third, NepoPod with Amelia Travers (@amaltr42). Her podcasts serve as platforms for showcasing individuals and amplifying underrepresented narratives, embodying her dedication to building a more innovative, equitable, and resilient future for generations to come.

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