Copying Fairlight settings between timelines

I make short video clips for promoting STEAM Powered on social media by taking sections of the main timeline and pasting them into new timelines. This copies the raw track only and doesn't include any Fairlight settings I may have applied to the track in the original timeline.

To replicate track settings across multiple timelines, you'll need to use the FairlightPresets Library… menu option.

Screenshot of DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Menu
DaVinci Resolve Fairlight Menu

Select Global track presets option from the Filter by dropdown. You can target whatever you want from the list, but I needed Effects, EQ, and dB to be replicated, so global it was.

Select the track you want the settings copied from, then Save New.

Screenshot of DaVinci Resolve Presets
DaVinci Resolve Presets

To apply the preset, go to the target timeline, select the preset and the track and click on Apply.

Published July 26, 2020