Generate QOTD in Obsidian templates

I'm trialling primarily using Obsidian for my Personal Knowledge Management (PKM) which may, if successful, lead to other changes in my workflow and automation needs.

As part of the customary "Let's improve our productivity by facking around with customisations for the new platform and thereby tanking our productivity for a few days" process, I've mucked around a bit with Templater to get a feel for what I can do with it to optimise some of my more repetitive documentation needs.

One of the things I'm trying to replace are the daily journalling apps on my phone. While I love 5 Minute Journal and stoic. app I don't need two apps and can incorporate this activity into the setup and packdown of my day.

Other prompts and status checks have already been added into the template for daily notes. The QOTD are a nice to have. Set these up in your user scripts (Templater - Script User Functions):

And you can invoke them in your templates using:

<% tp.user.qotd() %>
<% tp.user.daily_stoic() %>
Published December 20, 2023