I've trialled a few different services for and transcription of the episodes. I now have Descript which handles the transcripts for me, but it takes time to correct the transcription and edit through things like cross-talk and background interference.

Still, it's better than my previous attempts, and I have documented the transcription APIs and transcription software I have explored.

👋️ With Descript, I am now able to start providing full transcripts for episodes to improve accessibility of these STEAM Powered conversations and the wisdom of our guests. If you would like to support my work in helping this podcast and YouTube channel to reach more prospective and current #women-in-steam and other STEAM enthusiasts, please consider becoming one of my patrons on Patreon.

To be Investigated

Some cool things I'll look into later when time and resources allow.

  • BBC Github
    BBC has a great open source initiative, and they have a bunch of utilities related to video and audio editing.

  • BBC Kaldi
    BBC's Kaldi STT engine that I think they run BBC Archives through. It's free to access if you are using it for not for profit community projects. ❤️

Published November 09, 2022, updated December 24, 2023